Approaches to treating Lyme disease

Approaches to Treating Lyme disease

In our last article we discuss the problem of Lyme Disease masquerading as neurological disorders, depression, chronic fatigue and others disease process.  This problem is not only present in Wisconsin or the United States but the entire world at this time.  By the time many of these individuals suffering from Lyme disease reach my office they have often been they have been diagnosed with MS, ALS( a death sentence of 2-3 years for most) or some other mysterious disease that cannot be put into a classical diagnostic category.  The question becomes on how to help this individual determine the best course of action to reverse the disease process without having them linger for months or years more suffering the side effects of the disease process.  As discussed in our last article, the common thread I have seen though out most of these disease processes is a toxicity related to a pathogen (bacteria, parasite or virus) that is causing the diagnosed condition.  My hope is to explain some options for healing and correcting these disease processes quickly, cleanly and without causing more long term problems for the immune system.

If someone has been diagnosed with Lyme disease with a Western Blot test, bulls eye rash or mostly off of symptoms, they would be considered to have an newly acquired active case of Lyme Disease in the body.  Unfortunately many of the MS, Parkinson, ALS or undiagnosed neurological conditions are late stage Lyme cases that have been missed or potentially treated initially for Lyme years ago and still suffering from the effects.

Tired or Toxic?

After seeing several hundred cases in my office of the individuals suffering from Lyme Disease or a named variation, I have found the most important thing to find out is if the individual is tired, toxic or both.  An individual who is tired is often deficient in vitamins and minerals responsible for running the energy system and immune system.  They may have a few good hours each day and then fall into a pit of low energy.  A toxic individual is tired from the time they wake up until they go to bed again and no amount of sleep will allow them to feel completely recovered.  Individuals suffering from hidden cases of Lyme disease seem to always be toxic and therefore always tired.  The pattern for these individuals is a mineral and vitamin profile showing they are extremely deficient in macro (alkalizing) minerals and micro (repair, immune and rebuilding) minerals along with severe vitamin deficiencies.  We have to remember at this time, it took years and years for this individual to arrive at this point and doing everything right may take up to 30 months to repair all mineral levels.  There is a basic saying for vitamins and minerals “when you run low your body runs slow”. As vitamin and minerals drop every process from energy production to detoxification slows down to the point where the body can no longer keep up with the toxins that are being created.  All the cells in the body are new every three years, if we begin today with the right mineral and vitamin combinations our body needs we will be healthier and stronger in every cell and cell function in three years.

Often individuals who are being treated with antibiotics suffer from toxic overload due in part to the effects of the anti-biotic.  Initially when treatment begins for some with antibiotics, the attempt is being made to kill off or stop replication of new bacteria.  Due to the fact that the bacteria can mutate quickly and render the antibiotic ineffective, many times multiple antibiotics are used at one time and then combinations are changed to try to stay ahead of the mutations in the bacteria.  These levels of antibiotics often take its toll on the good bacteria in the gut system allowing quickly for overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria, parasites and often yeast.  The worst problems is that several of the good bacteria in the gut that are essential for aiding in the Urea Cycle to break down the toxic ammonia excretions from the bacteria and parasites related to Lyme Disease.  The antibiotic becomes a double edge sword for the toxin removal, the new overgrowth of bad bacteria and parasites excrete more ammonia and this is often why many individuals may feel initially better taking antibiotics and they revert back to a place worse than when they started the treatment.

I have evaluated many of these patients after several months of antibiotic treatment, and found extremely high levels of ammonia in localized areas of the body, and sometimes systemically with active Lyme bacteria and parasites despite several rounds of antibiotics.  After evaluating hundreds of individuals I have concluded that instead of trying to kill off the invaders, it seems a better strategy to simply begin to remove the toxins and support the toxin pathways before declaring war on the critters.

I Like To Break This Simple Process Into Six Steps:

1)      Identify what bacteria and parasites are present at this time

2)      Evaluate energy system and Urea Cycle function

3)      Address dietary and lifestyle changes

4)      Begin removal of toxins and the toxic source

5)      Repair the gut and digestion

6)      Rebuild the mineral and vitamin levels

I like to start the process by finding out if there is any active Lyme bacteria and how many co-infections we are dealing with at the present time.  This allows for a better herbal combination to be selected for the individuals needs.  Herbs not only help to boost the detoxification system in the liver, kidneys and bladder but many of them are anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial without having the effect of causing an imbalance in the good gut bacteria that help break down the toxic load of ammonia the bacteria and parasites associated with Lyme disease are secreting. 

Once the bacteria and parasites are identified, we will also evaluate to find out how the Urea Cycle is working at present in removing ammonia from the body.  A functional Urea Cycle will only show ammonia in the areas where there is still active levels of parasites and bacteria related to the Lyme disease.  An improperly functioning urea cycle will show systemic ammonia toxicity throughout the body.  At this time you must evaluate if the patient is making adequate energy.  Systemic ammonia will block the energy cycle every in the body where it shows leading to much of the muscle pain and fatigue they are experiencing.  In many cases with the toxins being isolated to joints and brain area, patients will still not be able to create enough energy for repair.  This is most often due to the severe deficiency in vitamins and minerals from the long standing toxicity draining the body of the vitamin and mineral levels.

Dietary and lifestyle changes can be started immediately.  Removal of processed foods and sugars from the diet is one of the fastest ways to start naturally regaining vitamin and mineral balance.  Trying to do extreme alkalizing of the body upon initial findings by using high pH water and all alkaline food is a mistake until the systemic ammonia and localized high ammonia areas are removed from the tissues.  After the ammonia has been normalized in the tissues trending toward as much fresh vegetables and small portions of fruit with lower protein intake will help the digestive system.  Using plant based digestive enzymes are also important before the start of each meal and between meals to help stimulate repair.  As the mineral and vitamin levels in the body increase, the plant based enzymes can be reduced.  Avoiding stimulants of caffeine and nicotine will also help you regain your adrenal function along with reducing exercise to a casual walk until the body is completely free of ammonia and the energy production is back to normal.

Sometimes liquid vitamins and minerals that are specific to the detoxification process will be given at the same time the patient is taking herbs to help the detoxification pathways.  It is important to note at this time it is essential to use activated vitamins until the mineral levels return to somewhat of a normal level.  Inactivated B vitamins will often not work due to activation effect that the minerals have on the enzymes necessary to activate the vitamins.

The next step after removal is in the third or fourth week after starting an herbal tincture is to reevaluate the gut to find out what if there are any parasites or bad bacteria that are still present.  If there are some forms of herbal powders or pills will help to remove any remaining bacteria or parasites.  Usually it will take four rounds of actively treating the parasites due to the eggs that remain dormant in the intestinal wall.  Usually taking and herbal powder for 10 days and then waiting 8-10 days before starting the second round is adequate.  Repeating four consecutive rounds while avoiding all dairy is essential in repairing the gut system.  After the first round or parasite removal, taking combinations of good bacteria is essential in stabilizing the gut flora for long term repair.  Once these bacteria colonies are re-established, the non essential B vitamins are once again being produced at sufficient levels to help liver and kidney function stay ahead of any toxins from the parasites and bacteria related to Lyme disease.

The last step is to identify and repair any vitamin and mineral imbalances.  The mineral repair can take up to 30 months for someone who is severely deficient.  Always start with the macro minerals (alkalizing) ones first and add in the micro minerals (repair and regeneration).  Micro minerals should be taken with meals and the macro minerals between meals and at bedtime.  Often someone suffering with long term Lyme disease should be taking a supplement of iron for a few months due to the co-infection Babesia destroying the red blood cells through hemolytic anemia.   An activated and balanced B vitamin is also essential to be taking until the macro and micro levels are normalized.

Following this basic and natural approach to removing the Lyme disease has been shown to be safe and effective in our efforts to help individuals achieve full and optimum health in their lives once again.  Finding a natural path, Chiropractor or MD that understands the concepts of herbs, vitamins and minerals with electronic and muscles testing helps identify and accelerate the healing process.


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