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Dr. Allan Lindsley D.C. B.S.

Bio: Allan Lindsley is the sole proprietor of Lindsley Chiropractic and currently practices in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  The practice is based upon the primary technique of Chiropractic “Applied Kinesiology” where muscle testing is used to detect and correct structural and chemical problems in the body.  In 2004 Dr. Lindsley graduated as Salutatorian from Parker College of Chiropractic and joined Dr. Milton Dowty’s practice in Wichita, Kansas.  After working with Dr. Dowty for 2 ½ years in Kansas, he returned to Wisconsin where he has been practicing for the past 3 ½ years.

Since returning to practice in Wisconsin, Dr. Lindsley began noticing that many of his patients were previous Lyme disease victims and are still dealing with the symptoms months and years after antibiotic therapies had been used.  Understanding how huge the problem this was for his patients and community, Dr. Lindsley began spending much of his free time researching and testing various methods of naturally removing the toxins and rebuilding the immune system.  This research led him to developing a line of products that remove neurotoxins and help rebuild the patients’ immune system and tissues.  Natures Pharmacy LLC was started in the fall of 2010 to give individuals a natural therapeutic choice when someone is suffering from a debilitating disease process such as Lyme disease.

Prior to his career in the healing arts field, Allan graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2004.  The 7 years he spent as a mechanical engineer helped him develop a solid set of problem solving skills that he uses and applies in his practice today.

Allan also credits his first 18 years of life growing up on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin and the best on the job training a person could ever ask for.  When working on dairy farm, often he would have to rely upon himself to figure out a way to fix the machinery and keep things going.  Thinking on your feet is a way of life in farming and he has applied this skill to all of his work after leaving the dairy farm.

Allan is also an avid sports person who enjoys cross country skiing, biking and running giving him a chance to participate in outdoor activities year round enjoying all four seasons Wisconsin has to offer.

This spring, an organic berry farm is starting on the farm he was raised on.  Buena Vista Farms LLC will begin planting in May 2011 of 2 acres of organic blue berries and an acre of raised bed organic strawberries.  Various herbs will also be plated this spring for future years to be used in the Natures Pharmacy product line.

One of his goals for the community is to have natural healthy choices that are locally grown on balanced soil.  The soils are being balanced with all 13 micro minerals and 4 macro minerals to allow for the optimum nutrient content following agronomist Neal Kinsey’s soil sampling and natural fertilizing techniques.   The goal of this farming technique is to produce the top fruits in the region with the best nutrient content and taste.


Kathy Drinkman
Bio: I have been trained in Usui REIKI RYHO, the Usui system of natural healing. Trained by Lisa Thelen here in Eau Claire.  REIKI helps many people over come depression, fear and anxiety.  It also restores balance and well-being.  Every healing is different and unique
as each person is treated.  There are no two healings the same.  Since my attunement, I have been  gifted intuitive and psychic abilities.  This helps with your healing treatments.

  • REIKI I in October 2007
  • REIKI II in April 2008
  • Master level in February 2010

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